Blessings to All,

I am excited at the opportunity to share with you the lived experiences of mine and Tova's complimented with research and data to bring to you education, awareness and advocacy regarding those issues that for so long have kept people from needed care and assistance. My hopes and prayers are that we embrace those that live with mental health issues and co-occurring disorders with more love and respect. We must eliminate stigma and our other biases regarding these misunderstood illnesses and move forward to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some of us are carrying pain and baggage that has been passed down from generation to generation. The time has come for us to heal. The process of healing takes time, be patient and do not give up.

I have a genuine commitment to advocate for those that live with these issues and this commitment stems from unconditional love for my daughter, Tova who lives with bipolar disorder. A journey of trials, tribulations, and the awesome recovery for Tova and I recovered from a brain aneurysm led to the vision of Tova's N.E.S.T. We both credit our successes to our faith and the continued love and support of family and friends throughout our journeys. I have walked the walk - I now must share hope, because I know recovery is real and it can happen for so many more people.

A special thank you to my children Trevor, Tova, Terryn, and Beecher IV for their love, patience, and support throughout my recovery. My children have taught me to love unconditionally, to make time to smile, to give with an opened hand, and to start each day a new.

Tova's N.E.S.T. is about "prevention" not "crisis intervention". We are committed to eliminate stigma, to be a voice, and a drum major for justice for all communities.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to learn more, to become advocates, and to get a better understanding of these health issues that are treatable.

Tracee' L. Black, Executive Director/Founder
Tova's N.E.S.T, Inc.


Introducing Tracee and Tova

Vision Statement